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Re: Guests in the House

These are very good suggestions, but I don’t have too much hope it will be realized successfully.

I remember in old good days when BJJ has been doing it first steps, there were a lot of fresh converts from aikido who came to some aikido forums to behave exactly like today’s converts to internal training. We can call their reaction overenthusiastic, or rude, depends of emotional filter. Today, when BJJ folks are more mature and don’t need to prove around they are ‘the best’ we can have interesting discussion with them. How many years it will take for the ‘internalists’ to be mature enough? I’d guess 10 years. So from experience I think next 10 years they still will hijack any discussion about aikido.

They talk badly about aikido, but they still need aikido audience. Go figure.

Fresh ‘internal’ convert is always trying to be more aiki then Takeda himself LOL


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