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shihonage wrote:
I see absolutely nothing offensive in Colleen's post.
I don't appreciate being accused - intentionally or otherwise - of superior attitude. Whatever achievements I've recieved in my life, I've done so by hard work, practice and study, not natural aptitude real or imagined. At no time have I said or imagined that I'm better than anyone.
I do not believe at all that I am being held back in any way, or that what little Aikido I've learned is any better than anyone else's. Once it was explained to me what the purpose behind the 5th kyu test was and what it teaches, my question was answered, and in excellent fashion.

All my life, I've had to answer to people who say "Oh, you think you're so perfect" simply because I tend to learn things quickly, and advance as a result. Sorry folks, but that particular accusation hurts, deeply. I had thought, when I wrote that question, that I would recieve positive, instructive replies, and I did, until Colleen's post. I realize (after cooling off, that is) that Colleen may have been completely unaware of how her post would be recieved. She may well have wrote it in a friendly and supportive attitude, and if so, I deeply apologize for my response. That is not, however, how the post read. It read - to be blunt - like the one accusation I desperately and continually try to guard against - the accusation of arrogance.

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