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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

In several of his movies, someone he loves (daughter, lover, etc) has been abducted or something similar. If you were going out to try to save someone, would you not have a little aggression and perhaps be a bit more violent then neccessary? Judging someone from movies just doesn't seem fair to me. As far as judging from videos, how do you know he is being mean to his uke? If the uke has stuck around that long obviously it doesn't bother them and chances are they can take the fall just fine. I wouldn't mind sensei throwing me about if I knew how to take the fall. Opinions from other people are often twisted as they go down the line of 50 people till it gets to you. Should you take others experiences into consideration? Certainly. However, I wouldn't suggest making a final judgement until you have personally met and or trained with a person.

That is just my opinion though.....

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