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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Chris Hein wrote: View Post

You should try sparring with some wooden knives, or padded clubs, and see what turns up for you. It changed my whole practice, for the better!

Good luck!
Indeed, I intend to get some foam knives. It would be fun and safe! I remember doing this in one of the Yoshinkan dojos I trained at and it really made you respect knives.

No matter how good my techniques against tanto-dori is, I'm not going to risk it and people should not build a false sense of security from practicing weapon taking techniques. RUN RUN RUN being the most important thing.

That being said, I was once had a robber point a knife towards my chest and I had did some sort of koto gaeshi on him before I could quite think and ended up in some sort of yonkyo lock where he was screaming and I was screaming like a little girl as I realized I didn't know what to do after I locked him. I went fully with the yonkyo, probably dislocated something as I heard something pop and a huge scream from the robber. And then kicked him in the ribs a few times before running back home like a girl. Lol hey not beautiful but it works :P

Though of course in general, if the knife guy knows what he's doing, he's in most cases going to slice u
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