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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Gimme' a break David! I've respected your opinions at this forum going far back, but using some movie-character-intended-to-sell-alot-at-the-box office as a representative for someones RL-personality, character and otherwise moral build, leaves me little room than to think you are a very naive or narrow minded person yourself.
But I might be wrong about you, because I haven't met you or trained with you, so damaging words on a forum like this could have been a slip or something NOT representing you as a person. Or have you actually spend some time with the man you speak so highly of? Or are you really just using Hollywood flicks, and third hand stories, as a frame of reference when judging a man?
*shudders* 'guess it says more about you than Seagal. Maybe he is a "jerk". Maybe not. I don't know, so I prefer to not say anything negative in public about a man I don't know.


Jakob Blomquist