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Kevin73 wrote:
I was wondering, how do you deal with a boxer's jab? I can see the applications of a committed punch whether it's a haymaker, hook, cross, or a straight. But, the jab doesn't seem committed enough that the striker would be off balance to lead him.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback on dealing with that. Thanks in advance.
There are several posiibilities... You deflect the jab with the "same side" hand while doing an atemi on the inside with the cross hand. You can deflect with the cross hand and deliver an atemi with the same side hand. You can both deflect and atemi with the same side hand (my preferred method (this is a Wing Chun Jeet Chun Choi I believe) this allows you to trap with the cross hand. This last one gives you the most choices about what Aikido technique to follow up with (ikkyo, kokyunage, modifieds figure four, sankyo)

The final possibility is to have such a light touch with the same hand delection that when the jabber pulls back his jab he actually pulls the atemi into himself.

You will notice that all these have an atemi and entering movement in common. Also, no grabbing or trapping exists separate from an atemi.

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