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Most folks know a lot of Aikido until they jump up for their 6th or 5th kyu test. Amazing how those fluid movements and wealth of techniques dry up until the command to finish is given then it all comes back in a flash as they sit down in the line...

You, I am sure, will be different. But I know that I knew a lot more about landing a plane until my IP folded his hands in his lap. I was pretty confident about my skill with a knife until I was digging shrapnel out of a leg, muttering at a medic to hold the flashlight higher and doing my best to reassure someone in a language I knew only a bit of... perhaps your flying and soldiering experiences were all perfect right from the start, and so too will follow your Aikido. But most of us struggle the first time, as much from finding our way without a safety net as anything else... I can easily recall all my struggles (in most aspects of life) and watch beginner tests with the open mind and kind eye my fellow students watched mine with. I have never not found something positive about each test I have ever watched.

Taken, perhaps not so much...

Good luck on your test this SEP, let us know how it went...
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