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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Damn, so that is what is wrong with my aikido! Now I have someone to blame! Frickin Seagal!
Welll....don't know about that...but if you do really snappy technique and bash your ukes about unnecessarily....and you've watched a lot of Seagal....could be. On the other hand, from the clip I saw of you doing aikido, you didn't look like that.

Actually, I really liked (and still like) "The Challenge" and I consider "Above the Law" to have some great choreography, but it's all been downhill from there.

Actually, I put Chuck Norris and Seagal on a very similar level: both teach by example that you can "build a case" for extreme violence and that the resulting violence is "better" the more extreme it is. You can totally dehumanize the other guy until anything is ok to do to him. Then they feed us and the impressionable youth of the world images of unleashed hyper-violence.

In Seagal's case, I think it's worse because aikido is a more powerful vehicle for subconscious communication and its techniques are more capable of extreme injury than the stuff Chuck does. Also, Chuck doesn't project that sneering, taunting...."JERK"...image that Seagal has made his trademark. And Chuck doesn't have the reputation in real life of roughing up people who work with him in the movies.

Over the years, Seagal's techniques have gotten so wooden and predictable, a continual deterioration of the choreography in his older movies and the camera shows less and less of the "technique" while keeping that jerk personality shining through.

He has badly misused the great gift of aikido and he's paying the price in his personal life as his movies continue to get worse and worse. IMHO.


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