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Re: Comprehensive Yoseikan Budo book in ENGLISH!!!

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
Thanks for the link Mr. Orange.

I ordered it immediately and have been impatiently waiting for it's delivery.

I'm curious, did you help contribute with the production of this book?

Thanks for ordering the book. Edgar is a great teacher of yoseikan budo and he was a close student of Minoru Mochizuki. He has full understanding of the complete system Minoru Mochizuki created and he has full support of Hiroo Mochizuki in the modern form of the art. He is physically and intellectually complete in these arts and this book details a lot about the unique sutemi waza (sacrifice throws) of yoseikan.

I helped Edgar with the English translation from the Dutch. They had already translated it, but I helped polish it up and I also wrote a preface, following Patrick McCarthy's comments. I can say that this is very close to the book I helped Minoru Mochiuzki write in the early 90s but which was never released. This is a worthy volume for anyone interested in Minoru Mochizuki's art.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and I hope you can get a lot from the book.


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