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Re: Solo Aiki Conditioning and Other Exercise

Or see if you can get a small group together and I'll come out. I have every intention of supporting this effort on a national scale. I think it best if we try and keep it small and focused to keep it moving forward with the teachers who came.

I am considering another one here for Nov. -which will be more of an intensive, now that the intro stuff is out of the way.

As you found out; the ki society, DR aiki, and internal training are an easy fit for Aikido and it can join the weapons work as well... this in stark contrast to all the political nonsense to the contrary, and certain outsiders -rather ill-formed- opinions-they are in fact all brothers in the use of internal skills to create aiki.

I am so pleased that we got teachers talking and training with other teachers and students crossing barriers as well with teachers from other styles. I'm going to write about that on the seminar thread.

In the face of the public criticism by a few, we managed to create yet another venue for teachers to cross-lines and see what's out there. We created such a neutral environment that the work became the focus and then, lo and behold- you guys and gals, from the local teachers to the ones who came from across the nation- were the ones who made it all possible to succeed in bringing it into aikido dojos.
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