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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

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That was hilarious.

And yes, a Seagal thread was probably a bad idea on my part. My apologies...

Given the host of current threads that discuss variations on the "what's missing in Aikido?" "Why is it hidden in plain sight?" and "How can I get it?" I don't think you starting a thread about Seagal Sensei was a bad idea. See, he pushed people to ask themselves those same questions more than 25 years ago. He managed to rattle many feathers back in the day with those questions. People who are now asking those same questions are rattling feathers, too. There was and still is a certain mandatory level of negative response that should be expected I guess. Of course, Seagal Sensei did it from within the art. Forces that have recently mobilized are from outside of the art. However, things have moved far forward from 25 years ago. As such, the results being achieved today have been more pervasive in terms of their effect. Of course, those same effects have been about as negative as what was attributed to Seagal Sensei, himself. So go figure...

Had you had the opportunity to have studied Aikido with Seagal Sensei back in the late 80's and early 90's you might have said something very different in this thread. However, had that been true, like the rest of us who actually did take advantage of that opportunity, you would have a different perspective, one you more than likely would keep between yourself and your own students.


Best in training to you and all...


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