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Re: Any one know of a Daito ryu group in Fresno??

I'd be VERY surprised if there were a Daito-Ryu school in Fresno. But there's a school teaching Hakko-Ryu Jujitsu, on Fulton between Olive and Belmont. I study there. Maybe that's what your friend was thinking of. Hakko-Ryu was founded by a master named Okuyama (1901 - 1987), who was a himself a Daito-Ryu master, having studied under Takeda. Disillusioned by the violence and aftermath of WWII, Okuyama took his Jujitsu in a nonviolent direction, emphasizing pain control and pressure points over breaks and strikes.

Don't rule out the Korean arts of Hapkido and it's derivatives (Hwa Rang Do and Kuk Sool Won). Master Choi Young-Sul, the founder of Hapkido, lived in the household of Master Takeda for thirty years and mastered the Daito-Ryu system. In fact he claimed to be the only one to have learned the entire Daito-Ryu curriculum. Whether that's true or not, there's no doubt that Hapkido has a vast curriculum (3000+ techniques).

There is no Hapkido school in Fresno, unfortunately.

My background is in Hapkido, and though I am only a colored belt I have a good foundation. If you wanted to take me on as an Aikido student Chris, I'd be happy to share my Hapkido.
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