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Re: Solo Aiki Conditioning and Other Exercise

Jon Haas wrote: View Post
A question I have been thinking about since Dan's seminar last weekend is how do you integrate the Aiki solo conditioning exercises with other types of exercise, or do you? Now, I know Dan has gone on record multiple times here on Aikiweb stating that body-building type weight lifting does not mix with Aiki. No problem there. What about yoga or Systema conditioning work or suburi or kettlebell lifting? Can they successfully be incorporated into this type of training or will they have a negative effect on the goal of building Aiki in the body?


Jon Haas
Hi Jon, it was good working with you at Dan's seminar (I believe we were paired up a bit on Sunday)

Anyway, what we have done at my group is to incorporate Dan's solo and paired exercises into what we were already doing at the beginning of each training session. Essentially, we take the first 1/3 of our session and work on internal skills development exercises that we have picked up from the Ki Society and my visits with Mike S and Dan - nice thing about the mix is that none of the stuff conflicts with the other - they all have the same objective and tend to compliment each other from different perspectives and at different levels, etc.

Right now we are focusing on developing the basic body structure as presented by Dan and will move onto the other solo and paired exercises once we all have a good grasp on that - as Mark M mentioned in an early post, I also think it is important to establish that 'firm' foundation and then build onto it from there.

After IS training, we then move onto waza training and our focus there is to explore how the IS stuff applies to the waza execution.

Since Mark Murray and I are within a reasonable commute of each other, we too have been talking about getting together to further work on the IS skills presented by Dan.

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