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Re: 5th Kyu Shihan

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
As you can see from your own behavior here, kohai/sempai relationship outside of Japan is impossible
I am not using it in the context of over the internet, though. I am using it in the context of a senior student inside my dojo who I train with every day who mentors me, whom I have respect for. I don't see your logic, you can't prove something does not extist in all cases based on one case as it might be isolated. This is the same reason I did not accept Ron or your argument that the relationship doesn't exist because you two had never seen it outside of Japan. The real issue I take with Ron's (and your's now) post is that he is making a judgement on a relationship's existance that he knows nothing about in people he knows nothing about. How can you say anything definate about someone you know nothing about and have never met?

It is as logically flawed as saying that an AA's sponsor's relationship can't exist outside of AA.
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