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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Sempai/Kohai Relationship in Aikido

Hi Walter,

It's not that I'm a purist, and I certainly wouldn't poopoo it. I think it sounds like it worked well in that situation. In general, though, I usually don't see a good understanding of what that relationship is supposed to be (culturally), I see issues with some claiming authority they don't have, and sometimes even people trying to be more Japanese than the Japanese.

There is no guarantee that these things will happen, and I'm convinced that there are some notable exceptions. And also places where the terms are used and simply not made a big deal of.

In general though, especially given how the relationship is sometimes badly abused in Japan, I'm not sure at all of the benefits of translating that to western cultures.

As I've said a few times now though, its not a big deal...I was just mentioning it in passing. If I thought all this would have come from it, I'd a shut my mouth and swallowed....


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