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Hi everybody !
In an ealier thread I mentioned that intimidation and domination really is a spirit,in my opinion of evil decent,and is really a spirit that always seems much more
frightening than really is the case.
As example the one you meet the most is intimidating drunks,they are small inside
but on the outside they crave space and
attention and however well you treat them
they never show gratitude.This is not the person but the nature of that particular beast.Their sensitivity i zero and you get hurt feelingwise because you are sober and emotionally intact.Like if someone is feeling small and cornered they are likely to behave with a dominating attitude,and though you know this,you should not try to bring it up,but strive for a calm,quiet,observing mind.
The power of the observing mind is great and as in nature stay at a distance from wounded animals.
Isn't it funny how your training has taught you that your body and movement is the most powerful when you move naturally and are allobserving,yet when being intimidated you
have to remind yourself that you can actually
still do what you done in the dojo so many times and you are part of the universe and connected.
Gotta go now - suppers getting cold.
Have a nice day !
Yours - Chr.B.
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