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Re: Solo Aiki Conditioning and Other Exercise

This isn't really saying anything new . . but in terms of what exercises you do - it's much less important than "how" you do them. I think for those just getting introduced to "this stuff", really try to hold onto the feelings you had that were new and different and you were directed towards . . then *any* exercise you do needs to lead back in that direction - hopefully waking up other bits that lead to further exploration. The important thing being you have a clear intent of what you're working for and trying to condition, so that you can pay close attention to avoiding exercising/flexing the bits that you don't.

This is in stark contrast to repeating an exercise again and again, even if you make each one feel like the only one . . and waiting until you "get it". You have to been shown explicitly what to go for, initially, then go from there, work the hell out of it . . get checked again, fix bad stuff, rinse, repeat . .

And I'll repeat again *what* exercise is almost beside the point as it's more important to focus on *what* the emphasis should be and *what* results you should expect. It's conditioning work, counter-intuitive in some ways and takes a lot of time and effort. For those just getting the foot in the door, I'd recommend picking a couple exercises that properly stretch and strengthen the connections on the inside and get you started managing very light external forces vis a viz those connections.

If you've been shown them, work them again and again, critique the hell out of yourself. Pay close attention to *what* is being trained, conditioned, strengthened. E.g. if it's local muscles in the arms and shoulder - not so good. If it's gross muscles in the legs and lower back . . better. Get with a partner and work to help each other and minimize each other's delusions and competitiveness (especially to start - in terms of fighting each other - help instead).

Anyways, my two cents spread over a pile of penny pennies . .
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