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Bruce Baker
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Ride with the bad guys

I don't know what kind of stories you have seen in the papers, or news compared to what you have personally witnessed or been told about first hand by people on the inside of what is touted to be disorganized crime or the non existent crime familys, but in my short time of exposure in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ, former home of Lucky Luciano, I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe or you would relate to a hundred different movies.

These are not reasonable or sane people, as least in the sense of thinking they are average humble people going about their business of everyday life. They operate by the loopholes within the laws, they push the envelope to shreds if they think they won't be caught, and they consider themselves average working guys who have to do bad things because killing people is part of the game to get ahead. And all of that is just the surface of what is hidden beneath.

Obviously, there were some individuals who thought they should try to extend their own prowess as powerful figureheads, so they invite this guy who is so bad in the movies to dinner, and they push him ... just enough to make him agree and not put up a fight, but enough to stroke their own ego's.

On the other hand, resistence would probably be met with a mugger attack, preceded by a couple of bullets to the legs, or maybe a body which may or may not have been found later?

When you hear stories of people accidentally blowing their heads off while cleaning their shotgun, while on the other hand they are positively living way, way beyond their means ... let's just say, until you are exposed to the insanity of being invited for a ride, you can't judge or make a judgement about any of this.

It just goes to show, that we need to recognized the difference in our ideal hero of the movies, and our ideal hero's in real life.

It is not always the actor, but sometimes you or the people you know who quietly go about making life more sane, more protected without undue restraint, and sometimes they are average, not hero's at all.

I would say, the way Mr. Seagal handled the situation was about as good as it gets with the facts as they were presented.
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