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DaveO wrote:
Overcoming fear is not about the absence of fear in a fearsome situation; it's about not letting fear take control of you. We train so that when the time comes and you're in danger (snipped) your mind will operate rationally in a very unrational situation. Dave
Very well said. This is kinda like if the "fight or flight" adrenaline is pumping, you will not freeze like a deer in a cars headlights. This goes into the "relax completely" section of the four basic principles of Aikido. If I may quote this site: , "Complete relaxation goes beyond simple muscular relaxation into mind/body relaxation. A calm mind naturally produces a calm body. Removing stress from the body greatly enhances freedom of movement, which is so necessary in aikido."

Adapt, React, Overcome, is something else that comes into mind.

It's all about connection.
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