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Fat Aikido Feet?

I've been practicing aikido for about 4 months now and I love it. I'm in better shape and even lost a little weight. But one weird thing is happening to my body I never expected: my feet are getting fat!

I've always had pretty bony feet and small ankles. I was a runner through high school and college and played other sports like softball, soccer, and basketball. But I always had bony feet.. up until aikido!

I noticed about a month ago my feet were looking a little fleshy. This was very strange because my ankles weren't swollen and I actually lost a little weight. Why do my feet look fat?

So I started looking around at other people's feet during class. Everyone's feet looked pretty fleshy, from the skinny to the in-shape to the heftier types. It ends up that my feet aren't swollen or fat, they're gaining muscle!

Who would have thought you could build muscle in your feet? For someone who has always been active (especially with lower-body activities such as running) this is very strange that only aikido has had this effect. Has anyone else noticed this?

I wonder if I will need to buy bigger shoes!
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