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Re: the changed body


Hi Thomas,
dang. I should have specified IT in post#29 was evidence of the_changed_body, not nececessarily IT=aiki. I don't know that Not_lovely shows aiki.. but I think, fwiw that that body may be capable of it..
Come to think of it here's a question for ya (Q): Can you show/demonstrate aiki in a body by _yourself_ in an outwardly visible way? Don't you need a partner (or staff/sword/etc) to go flying(/vibrate/shake/etc) to evidence it? Hard to bring the inner to the outer in an outwardly visible way only by yourself, isn't it? (hmm...maybe not; kata; fa jin demo; yoga poses... i don't know for sure)
What i think the Not_lovely clip shows is evidence of the changed body. What is see: evidence of a connected body, dantien-area initiation and the thickened middle spoken of. I think it shows evidence of what I think is Liu He (six harmonies) movement. You can see the he rides the patterns/torques on the body from one extent the other.

Let me ask you the question back, Thomas: do you think it is as I said: 1 has it, 1 doesn't? Although rightly cautious; could you say anything to compare them? The Lovely clip I think shows amazing body control and ...development... but don't necessarily see any of the changed body things that a MA would seek in there. Well i know we'd seek it ...but you know wtf i mean. I guess mostly I'd say she doesn't initiate movements by hara... they are still external. agree?
dunno...i am interested in what others have to say..

p.s. i can't see the clip you attached ("no rights where i am viewing").

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