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Deb Fisher wrote:
Intimidated? Scared? YOUBETCHA!

I am of two minds about this thread. Peter is sitting on one shoulder - I am compelled to train because I want desparately to overcome fear. .. But dammit, fear is useful - it keeps me safe! Dave is sitting on my other shoulder, reminding me that truly fearless people are either insane or deeply, deeply stupid (regardless of stature).

So my question is: what exactly does overcoming fear mean? Who thinks of their training in terms of working toward a fearless state? Who thinks about it as controlling the effects of fear? Moving through fear? Knowing when to listen to fear and when to ignore it?

This is a question I can't answer myself right now, but I'd love to hear what ya'al have to say.
Overcoming fear is not about the absence of fear in a fearsome situation; it's about not letting fear take control of you. We train so that when the time comes and you're in danger; when your heart is going like a Taiko drummer on coke, your skin's trying to slide off your body and (for men) whatever external genitalia you might have is trying desperately to crawl back into your body and hide, in spite of all this your mind will operate rationally in a very unrational situation. That's the idea - not to have no fear; that's suicide. To not be affected by it at the critical time - there's your goal.

Hope this helps, Deb. Now, can I please get off your shoulder now? MY BUTT IS KILLING ME!!!!! (hee hee!)

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