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Re: Steven Seagal news flash

mike lee wrote:
On July 12 the New York Times News Service released a story about Steven Seagal quaking in the face of a pair of unarmed gangsters. Read all about it. Excerpts:

Steven Seagal, the action film star cited as a Mafia extortion target, has told investigators that after he stopped working with his longtime producer he was ordered into a car in Brooklyn last year and shuttled to a landmark restaurant where he was threatened by mobsters, officials and lawyers involved in the case say.

He was so intimidated, he recounted, that he agreed to turn over $700,000, although investigators are still trying to trace the money....

In one of the more cinematic moments, people familiar with the case said, Seagal told investigators that in February 2001 he was visiting Nasso and Nasso's brother Vincent, also a reputed Gambino associate, in Brooklyn when he was ordered into a car to accompany both brothers and another reputed Gambino associate later charged in the case, Richard Bondi. After a switching of cars to throw off any pursuers, the journey ended at the Gage & Tollner restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn where Anthony Ciccone, a reputed Gambino captain known as "Sonny,Eand Primo Cassarino, a reputed family soldier, were waiting in a back room. It was here, people familiar with the case say, that the threat was made.

Not long afterward, people close to the investigation said, a tape recorder in one of the prime bugged locations, Brioso's restaurant in Staten Island picked up Ciccone and Cassarino chortling over scaring Seagal. "They were laughing about it, saying it was right out of the movies and `if we only had guns in our belts, it would be really good,E said a lawyer who heard the tape.

A month later, Seagal told investigators, he was visited unexpectedly at his home in Los Angeles by Julius Nasso, Ciccone and Cassarino, and that he subsequently paid Ciccone $700,000 through Nasso.
The only info I have on this is the quote above, seems to me after reading it, that it is Mike who says "a pair of unarmed gangsters", unless that was in another excerpt not shown above. In the actual excerpts that are printed, the supposed mobsters say "if we only had guns in our belts, it would be really good". That doesn`t mean that they were unarmed, their guns could have been anywhere else on their bodies other than in their waistbands.

Now I am not a big Seagal fan, yes I have seen most of his movies, they are enjoyable hokum, but they are not all that good, and they are only movies. He is an Aikikai 7th Dan, I respect that, I respect every grade in Aikido, whether it`s 1st kyu or 9th Dan. For some reason, everyone seems to think that he is some kind of super master, which means that he should be able to take care of a couple of supposed thugs(bored at work on Friday, I coincidentally found myself going through the message board on his offical website, reading that should give you an indication of this). Get real folks, the movies have a strange way of picturing people larger than life, which is very often different from reality. Unfortunately, when you become famous and in the public eye, you become an open target for all kinds of strange folk, not to mention the press who like nothing better than to build people up before knocking them down. There maybe some truth in the stories about him, I don`t know, nor do I really care. I just find it a shame that everone jumps on the guy (or any other famous person) for what is reported in press, cos` we all know how honest reporters and newspapers are.

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