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Re: Practicing Ikea

What have I started?
Jun you had me going I was trying to figure out where we got off topic!

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I was wondering what you thought about mixing Ikea with other things? I mean, I have a set of BIlly Bookshelves, and I also have another set that seems like they would work good together with the Billy Bookshelves.

Do you think that this is Okay, or will it hurt me in the long run?
Meant to come back to this sooner.

One of my fellow Ikeadokka is also practicing Feng Shui and it seems that occasionally she does get a little mixed up between the two kinds of movements. But she does say she enjoys both and believes the two can compliment one another in time. Personally I think it would be best to get a solid foundation in your Ikea before accessorizing with the Billy bookshelves so as to keep you from being as confused.

I was telling my co worker today, about last nights revolving door waza and he offered the opinion that Home Depot was superior. After a careful check of the weather... its not raining .... I told him we should certainly test that theory out. He declined the invitation though.
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