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Re: "Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" Seminar w/Dan Harden

Nice post, Dan.

I think that's one of the big things with IS work that gets lost . .just how much of it is based on conditioning the body and mind. . and it's not the kind of conditioning where you just repeat it again and again until you "get it". Your words on "intent" apply very well here as well . . in addition to listening, critiquing, trying, failing, etc. It's not a "Well I'm already doing things 50 percent right and I just need the other 50 percent" . .

I like what's coming out of the discussions on last weekend (congrats and of course I'm going to echo best wishes for the personal stuff going on as well, big time). I think a common thing that's being communicated is that the vocabulary only gets you so far . . you can't cognitively just get this and make it click in your body . . you have to be shown, have it burned in and then keep burning it in so that you rewire how your body moves . . and then there's the applications, etc, fitting these things into the framework of whatever martial art you do.

Yeah, it's a fun time right now to watch and participate in these things.


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