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Re: Practicing Ikea

I understand what you're saying, Josh, but remember that Ikea can be different things to different people. Some are satisfied if they get a hot dog and a cinnamon bun with their EKTORP sofa and armchairs set, and have no interest in meatballs.

On the other hand, I have to say that the meatballs of today are not the Meatballs of Yore. They have been cheapened and watered down by overly wide application to places that may not have been ready to appreciate their complex and deep flavors. Too often nowadays we find young Ikea practicioners who think they know all about The Scandinavian Way because they had $6.99 meatball plate once on their way out the store.

And, harsh as it may sound, I think American Ikea has lost its True Kött-Budo Spirit. At least in European Ikeas they still put dried onions on the hot dogs.

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