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I agree with Dave. Why is it that people feel that just because this guy makes movies and has a high rank that he is supposed to be superhuman or invincible? It's funny how everyone prints all these stories of him being threatened or hurt by someone, even if they're true, as though simply to degrade him. I have no great love of Steven Seagal, but I don't feel the need to point out every time something happens where he is not quite the "GREAT ASS-KICKING AIKIDO MASTER" that people feel he should be. Maybe he should have just beat them all up; then the problem would surely have been solved (statement made, tongue firmly in cheek.) Many high-ranking aikidoka have no trouble saying that if some mugger wants money, they will hand it over before trying to fight their way out of a given situation. I think that's smart--it may not be as screen-worthy, but you're a lot more likely to live the next day.

Sorry about this little rant. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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