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mike lee
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If you focus on the "feelings" you get from certain teachers, and then try to repeat those "feelings," you will not be able to progress very much. This is because every moment is different.

A true understanding of your art must be developed in order for the knowledge to "stick."

People make the same mistake when learning meditation. They try to repeat certain "feelings" that they had during a particular training session. But feelings are like snowflakes; each is different. Some are dramatically different and some are just slightly different -- but they're all different. Trying to make an exact replica is unnatural!

So, the most important thing we can learn when training in the arts is to learn the training method, stick with it, and expand on it. Of course, high-level teachers can show us high level-training methods. The "feelings" that we get from training are secondary. If you focus on them you will miss the point.

To a mystic, his methods are purely practical. He knows that life is short, and he has no time for nonsense.
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