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Intimidate: To make timid or frighten...hmmmm, not very likely. Not that its shameful or weak to be intimidated. But I was intimidated once. When I was about 13, and I was waiting at a bus stop, and 20 guys appeared out of nowhere, to ask me for money. I elbowed the guy behind me with all my might, and it felt like I had elbowed a cement wall. He hardly grunted. I ran. Ran like hell. When I got home my Dad asked my why my face had a greenish tinge. I vowed NEVER to be that scared again. I took up Shotokan karate, put in my 500 punches, 100 kicks a day on a home-made makiwara (I am paying theprice for that today) and sandbag and generally put in lots and lots of sheer training. For 4 years, I trained 5 times a week. One day, 5 guys jumped me. Literally pulled me through a hole in a wall which hid a large construction site. Poor guys. Then there was the druggie who threatened me with the machete. I ran, after I broke one arm and he picked up his machete with the other and still came at me.

So I don't get intimidated much. I'm a small guy, Asian. About 180 pounds in a 5-7 frame. I am however, VERY wary of any threat. And VERY aware that bad things might happen. After Aikido though, I wished I could turn back the clock. And maybe instead of really hurting those guys, I could've just 'controlled' them. Then again, at 18, maybe not. Bottomline, I wouldn't get intimidated. And I wouldn't run away. If he had a gun, I'd give him my money. Otherwise...probably not :-)

Man I'm one twisted individual
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