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PeterR wrote:
Whenever I talk about Budo's main purpose is to overcome fear (a recurring theme in my posts) I essentially mean intimidation. There are training partners and others that intimidate me. (snipped)
So far, I agree with many of the posts, but PeterR's post caught my attention. I am not huge by any standards, but I'm big compared to many at my dojo. I'm 5 ft. 9 in., and weigh 240 pounds. I'm mexican/american/cherokee indian, but because of my eyes, 90% of the people I run into believe I'm japanese. Many people have literally said that I am the first japanese person they have met that speaks fluent spanish. Anyways, I have my head shaved on the sides and back, and wear the rest of my hair in a single braid. This braid goes all the way down my back. It is about 19 or 20 inches long. I have only been in Aikido for a few months now, but I have trained with some ukes who are clearly more advanced than me who have told me they are intimidated by me. I tell them there is no reason to be, but they say that they don't know why, but they just are. On the downside, sankyo works easier on me than those who are more smaller and more limber.
Intimidation really doesn't work on me now that I am older, but when I was 16, there was this guy in high school, every bit of 350 pounds, who I backed down from. He used to pick on everybody until he got his butt kicked by a skinny but crazy pothead.

It's all about connection.
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