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Bruce Baker
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How much trouble is it?

I liked what Dave had to say, but I am reminded of those chosen few who take it upon themselves to harass, rob, humiliate, or just plain don't know when to give up.

Realize it has taken many years to grow larger and larger, at least for me, so I have gone through a number of size tranisitions that met with different results from the intimidators.

There is a difference in physical presence from someone who is five feet ten inchs at one hundred and sixty pounds, and someone at six feet tall two hundred and fifty pounds, geek or professional wrestler, which is more intimidating? When intimidation is used, it does indeed creep into the darker side of humanities baser survival instincts, but when confidence is exhibited the intimidation tends to melt into status quo, or the walk away from a bad situation happens.

Intimidation? The only intimidation I get now adays is ... what kind of trouble am I gonna get in when my wife hears I thumped somebody? Aikido has helped to turn much of my aggression into openings for simpler redirections, armbars, or even taking a dangerous situation and not making it worse.

Yeah, I am "legally" intimidated as to if I really hurt someone should I make sure they are dead, so there is only one piece of paper to fill out, or make it look like an accident so there are multiple forms to fill out.

I vote for the one piece of paper.

And that, the one piece of paper, is a true story from when I worked for the National Park Service ... one which I explain to intimidators who can't be talked to. So far, I haven't had to kill anybody, but I did get a visit from Vince McMahon from the then WWF when I worked in Connecticutt.

I really need to get to practice more often, get rid of these summertime aggressions.

So should you.
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