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Re: Ba Gua (Pa Kua), Oshikiuchi, Aiki-in-yo-ho???

L. Camejo wrote:
Nice argument, but I don't buy it. There is very little of a technical nature in Aikido that isn't also present in Daito-ryu, including all the things that he mentioned. I'm still fairly sure that Sokaku Takeda didn't spend much time in China.

Then check out Koshi nage or sukui nage????
Koshi nage is even more common in Judo - did Jigoro Kano spend time in China studying Ba Gua too?

Then there is Donn Dreager's book on Budo and Bujutsu (Vol.2 I think) that speaks about Oshikiuchi, the forerunner of Daito Ryu Aikjujutsu and it's philosophy of Aiki in-yo ho (Harmony of energy based on yin/yang) which came directly from Chinese Taoism.
There's really no agreement on what Oshikiuchi actually was, and there seems to be some strength to the argument that it was a system of formal etiquette. In any case "in-yo" is a common concept in Japan. Yes, it has its roots in China, as do Kanji and many other things Japanese. That doesn't mean that M. Ueshiba studied Ba Gua.



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