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Talking Re: Bujin Women's Hakama

Quick update: My Bu Jin dogi arrived. Love it!

The "medium weight" is lighter than I expected (a good thing). I don't know names of fabrics, but I'd say it's made of the same sort of stuff a lab coat might be - smooth, and with some body to it (not flimsy). It's all cotton, except for where the shoulder area and sleeves are lined with CoolMax fabric.

The pants would be a little tight in the hips if I gained 5 pounds, but as I'm aiming to lose another 15 I think that will be OK. The jacket is tight around the hips if I tie the little ties at the corners (not used to those!), but if I don't tie them it fits very nicely. Again, another 15 pounds might fix that issue.

I think the only thing I asked for custom was 27" sleeves, since I've been having to roll up my current ones, leaving a half-inch thick lump to land on. The sleeves on my new one are perfect. Plenty of room for wrist-grabbing (and air circulation).

Anywhoo... Back to discussing hakama. I wouldn't hesistate to order from Bu Jin.

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