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Whether they walk away out of fear or higher principals, the important point is they walked away, thus avoiding a fight. Unless, I suppose, one is at such a high level one can be considered a 'master' at Aikido, anyone who is not intimidated by something is nuts - no sense of survival. I stand 6'4", 205 lbs. Although I only have 2 months of Aikido, I have been training to fight most of my life. I am a retired combat soldier; I have seen action overseas. There is little a street tough - or 3 or 4, for that matter, that can do to either frighten me or hurt me, were such a thing to be attempted. This is not boasting, just a simple statememt of fact, because on the street, I've never had to use my skills and thank God for that.
Do I get intimidated? Sure - saying you're not is either foolhardiness or empty bragging. Some big, drunk gorilla swinging a beer bottle can do a lot of damage. Whether or not I can deal with him - easily - makes no difference - he intimidates me.
The question is how does that intimidation affect you? To me, not at all. Regardless of my own fear, I act according to tactical precepts laid down in my teens, first and foremost that it takes two to start a fight. I've been in that position often, and every single time, I've simply adopted a relaxed, ready position and stared silently at my antagonist. They usually froth at the mouth, spout insults, threats, trying to goad me - I don't goad very well. I just stare. Sooner or later, he'll give up and wander away, convincing himself he's won. Not once has any ever worked themselves up to attack. I'd guess, based on past experience, that if a guy takes more than 15 seconds to work himself up to attack, he won't attack at all unless you provoke him.

Sorry, got a bit off topic. To sum up, yes, I get intimidated. No, Intimidation doesn't matter in the situation. Yes, whenever possible, I'll walk away from a fight, and yes, that's a good thing, because it avoids the fight, whatever the reason for walking away.
Hope this helps.

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