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Re: How to Handle Know It All Student?

I have had a sempai who had a real issue with this. He was a 1st kyu and would always get corrected by 5th kyu's at seminars (they tend to insist that you do a technique how they do it in their dojo vs the variation that the instructor is teaching). He would always make a big deal out of it, and he would always be upset because of it. I on the other hand just ignored what they said or would say, "this is a variation" if they did not know the differance. We are here to learn from everyone. I find people that are green give you an opertunity to try out how someone who doesn't practice Aikido will respond to a techinque because their reations are the most natural. Learn that, if they can teach you nothing else.

"Today's techniques will be differnent tomorrow... Learn one technique, and create ten or twenty more. Aikido is limitless."
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