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Subject restrained using Aikido Techniques

akira wrote:
I've heard from people who heard from cops that train in aikido that the suspects, when restrained with aikido locks and techniques are actually more cooperative and some say, "thanks for not hurting me!"
These officers have had a different experience than my guys. In most cases by the time a restraint technique is called for, the subject isn't very inclined to politely defer to the officer. if he was that unserious about resisting good verbal descalation technique would probably have sufficed to gain compliance. Most of my officers report that the resistant subjects usually wail like crazy and scream about police brutality when thay get locked up. One emotionally disturbed female subject yelled "Don't you use those CIA killer techniques on me!" Restraining a mildy resistant subject can be done without causing much pain to the subject but that is contingent in his compliance. A really resistant subject is in a world of hurt when he gets restrained by an Aikido locking technique and they aren't normally appreciative at that moment of the difference betweeen a screamer Sankyo and getting hit with the baton (maybe later when they calm down they get it). In fact the whole idea of a non injurious restraint technique really requires a lack of strong intention to fight on the part of the subject. If he really wants to fight you he is likely to sustain some level of injury because mere pain compliance won't work at that point.

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