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Amir Krause
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Ruth McWilliam wrote: View Post
Would somebody like to explain to me exactly what is "immodest" about the way we touch each other while doing Aikido?

I am wrapped up in my underwear, a big T-shirt, gi bottoms, gi jacket, belt and hakama. These clothes are more substantial than what I wear to go to work!

People grab my wrists, and occasionally an elbow or shoulder. These parts of my body sometimes bump into other folk on a crowded street and it doesn't bother me or them.

My arms get grabbed and twisted into assorted locks and pins during the course of a technique. I'd never consider my arms to be a particularly private part of my body - they are what I use to work, shop, drive - people see them all the time, and both men and women have arms.

So come on, explain why any of the above is compromising my modesty?
Why is it releavant?
Why should you have to understand the origin of some or any religous restricion?
The Sensei is not a Reabi nor a Priest nor Imam, he is not supposed to approve the restrictions that believer decided to follow.

Religion is based on faith, not on understanding. Since I do not believe, most of the strictures make no sense to me. And I do not refer only to those related to sex segregation.

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