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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Would somebody like to explain to me exactly what is "immodest" about the way we touch each other while doing Aikido?

I am wrapped up in my underwear, a big T-shirt, gi bottoms, gi jacket, belt and hakama. These clothes are more substantial than what I wear to go to work!

People grab my wrists, and occasionally an elbow or shoulder. These parts of my body sometimes bump into other folk on a crowded street and it doesn't bother me or them.

My arms get grabbed and twisted into assorted locks and pins during the course of a technique. I'd never consider my arms to be a particularly private part of my body - they are what I use to work, shop, drive - people see them all the time, and both men and women have arms.

So come on, explain why any of the above is compromising my modesty?
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