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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

I've been training in a dojo in Indonesia where men and women trained in different days. So what? Did I miss something by not practising with the women? Not really. Did women miss something by not training with men? Maybe some stronger grips? Well, maybe. But anyway that was their choice.

Your dojo, your rules? Yes, for sure. Many dojos in Spain are not the property of the teacher, so it's not their rules, but the owner rules. The one who gets the money rules, if you get my point.

As someone appointed before, it's much more difficult to accomodate for a wheelchair student that to do so with a man or woman with that constraint. Will the wheelchair guy not be allowed to train, because he will miss some link to the founder? He cannot do tachiwaza, and that's the are in where most of the techniques lay. If I'm an orthodox jew and cannot bow to the shomen, what difference is there with the wheelchair guy? It's just an impossibility. My religion will prohibit me to do so. It's not negotiable. I won't bow. The wheelchair guy won't sutemi, for example. It's just an impossibility, no matter he wants to or not.

Why is religion negotiable and not the other cases? The man won't bow, and won't touch the female students. Not negotiable. If you are not flexible enought as to permit him to train, maybe you're lacking some of the spirit of (or link to) the Founder. That's fundamentalism / laicism and will only feed the flames of hate between religions / lack of.

Just my eccentric views.

BTW, I train with women, bow to shomen, anything... but respect those with such constraints. They are welcome among us. Respect is not about religion.
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