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Perhaps a more elegant way to say "it"

Aikido IS something. And it is more than just the internal training peace. And it is more than just Daito-ryu lite amalgamated with some eccentric old guy's religious flights, more or less suppressed by his successors.
This from Terry Dobson:
What is much more important than anything I say is that I touch you. Through me, through my touch comes the touch of the founder of Aikido. There is no Bible you can buy that syas, "This is what Aikido is." it is transferred from person to person. These vibrations pass among us." From the limited edition book, BETWEEN TRUST, LOVE AND SURRENDER
Those who refuse to touch another human being within the walls of an aikido dojo are betraying the goal of the founder - because, aside from every other debate you may have, what he taught, however, attenuated, is passed from hand to hand. If a male teacher, for example, does not touch the women in the class, then, in essence, he has broken the only link possible to the founder.
I stand by my last post - but this is also true.
Ellis Amdur

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