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Re: How to Handle Know It All Student?

Hhm... I realize you learn a lot from being uke, but I think it is unfair that you didn't have the chance to be nage. Do you not switch partners through class? In my dojo, each time a new technique is shown or if we work on a technique too long we switch partners. I know that some dojo's keep the same partners though.

I am sorry. It is a shame you aren't a higher ranker that could correct this problem. Perhaps you could try talking to your sensei or a sempai after class. Do not bring up this cerain individual. In fact, bring it up after you don't work with them if you keep the same partner over class. If the sensei knows who you speak of when not mentioning names, then they already know of this problem and may be working on it one way or another. If your sensei doesn't know of the problem, then maybe they will begin to look for it.

Perhaps your partner truly means well and is just trying to be helpful. Perhaps they have some experience with aikido that you don't know about or another style that had aikido-like moves. If you truly do not like their advice, then simply partner up with someone else or maybe try something like "I really appreciate your help, but I think I will absorb/ understand the technique better if I could figure it out on my own."

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