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Re: Kiai -- Precision & Abandon

There're two types of kiai, the first one described above occurs during peak intensity of a strike or throw's power application. It's the most common type in aikido dojos and it's usually used unnecessarily and excessively both in quality and quantity. The other type is the soft kiai which comes after a strike or throw's termination. When the energy is reflected off the final asymptote and passes back through to nage's ground, it automatically expels air out of the lungs in a compressed manner.

Both types are mutually exclusive, either one precludes the other in a single technique. The loud ‘martial' kiai in many cases is an energy leak, which is otherwise conserved in the more powerful effects of the soft kiai. I never saw O Sensei use the soft one but aikido obviously doesn't need much physical power and the loud one turns out to be gentler on uke.
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