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Re: Ranking

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
How many "major" governing bodies issue rank certificates? For example, the Aikikai issued my rank certificate, it came through the CAA (California Aikido Association), but the actual certificate is issued by the Aikikai.

I know that, for a time at least, that there was an Iwama ryu certificate. And I would also guess that Yoshinkan issues it's own rank, and so would Shodokan/Tomiki.

My general question is how many different major groups have taken it upon themselves to issue rank separate of the Aikikai?

There are quite a few organizations that issue rank. Some are sketchy thought. There is a guy in town here that had a Nidan in Aikido from his first karate instructor (who had no Aikido experiance), skipped third, and got a fourth degree black belt in an organization that promotes "all Asain sports, contenental and not".
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