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AikiWeb Forums New Features

Hi everyone,

I went and implemented a few new features on AikiWeb.

The first is the way in which quoted replies are displayed. As you may have noticed, quoted portions of text are now displayed in a table with a different background color like this:
Morihei Ueshiba wrote:
Fly like a beam of light: fly like lightening, strike like thunder
Also, the manner in which one quotes using the [quote] vbcode is now updated as well. Take a look at the vb Codes page under the "Quoting Other Messages" section for more information.

I also added a "Quick Reply" text field below each thread. This won't allow you to quote any previous messages nor use other features that are usually present by clicking on the "[Post Reply]" link. However, it should allow for any "quick" replies...

A quick hack is the "/me" hack. If any of you are familiar with IRC, you'll know what this is. Basically, if you start a paragraph with "/me", it'll use whatever proceeds it as an "action." So, if I were to write, "/me does a forward roll", it'll look like this:

/me does a forward roll.

Lastly, I've added the new AikiWeb AikiWall section to these Forums. It's basically an ongoing "wall" where you can write your latest thoughts.

I think that's it for now. I'm hoping to add new features to these Forums soon, so stay tuned!

-- Jun

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