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Re: Kiai -- Precision & Abandon

In our dojo it is explained that the Kiai is useful mostly because it is a unifier of movement and BREATH. Mostly, we want an exhalation of breath while executing a technique, or while reaching the climax of the ukemi (eg. upon hitting the mat in a breakfall).

In esoteric terms, i guess we can say that the harmony of ki and breath--the Ki Ai, is important because at that moment extension of ki will be at its most powerful and one wants this while executing a throw, fall, etc. Based on this i think that the exhalation of breath is the priority.

Thus, we are told that if one does not feel comfortable giving a loud Kiai, that an audible exhalation of breath is sufficient and does the same job.

Can we say that the sound gives further benefit?
if so, what?

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