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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

In fact posting the questionnaire just like that is not enough. What misses is the purpose for which it is being submitted to potential students, as well as the expected consequences of answering this way or another.

For example, is experience of other martial arts a plus or a minus ? If we miss class, has one to expect a phone call from sensei reminding us of our "duty" ? If one does not "deliver" what we "promised", what are the possible consequences ? How much of it can be held against me, and for how long ?

Without further information I tend to think, like Karolina, that answers will be more revealing of the student's current perceptions than of his future commitment.

I don't believe in aikido as some sort of public service where everything should be done to attract more people in the name of a philosphy of inclusiveness. However I would put more trust in a more personalised mutual commitment based on a short time of practise than in a bureaucratic selection.

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