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I have been getting a few inquiries a day which wonder where the book is. Prepublication = not in existence. I've gone over the proofs, and sent it back to the printer - approved. So here's what happens next:
1. They print it
2. They deliver it. - appr. August 20th.
3. I unload the truck (costs hundreds of dollars for them to do it, so the delivery guy sits and watches me do it.
4. I start signing, sealing and delivering (as Smokey Robinson would say).
5. I'm going to put in 3 hours a day sending the books out.
6. As I noted before, I will have an absolute cap of 500 on numbered books. I will, however, sign books that are pre-ordered, if the number goes beyond 500. (Sales are currently at appr. 380 as of today).

Dan - yeah, as we discussed - they did sort of naturally fall into a triad - morality/integrity - tradition - hidden knowledge/core skills
Pretty well sums up the interests in my life.

By the way, I was clearing out my storage area, to make room for the HIPS books, and I find I have approximately 250 apiece of Dueling with Osensei and Old School remaining. Sales have slowed down considerably. I am at a loss what I am going to do when I sell them out. I definitely will not do another print run. If I can find a publisher on demand that does decent enough quality (I haven't seen that yet), I may continue them that way. Or, perhaps add a few new chapters from stray essays and sell to a publisher. Or perhaps, not. It will depend, in part, if I can continue to get a return for my work. In any event, if anyone does want copies of these books while they definitely exist, now might be a good time to order.