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The root issue with all this talk of organizations having schisms and restricting people seems be a confusion by some students of their training with their organizations.

Organizations are businesses. They can benefit students, they can provide survival to the organization head, and they can promote the art in a unified manner. All that is good. But when organizations begin to restrict training opportunities, rather then encourage them, we can be sure that the reason is purely economic. All talk of "loyalty", "tradition" etc. is bull. In the case of AAA, their sensei died. What is someone supposed to be loyal to now? The continuation of his business by someone else? "His training and tradition," you might say. OK, that can be done don't have to be in his business to follow his teachings. In some cases, it might be impossible to follow a teacher's traditions and teachings by staying! Who's to know?

I'm tired of people whining. Someone doesn't want to be in your club anymore? Fine...let them go! They're stealing your students? Ppeople aren't objects that can be stolen. They leave, especially if you don't keep them happy. Tough luck for won't get their dues anymore. Ask yourself why, and face the music.

Organizations are not the training. If an organization loses sight of training and only seeks to perpetuate itself at any cost, then it is useless and should be corrected or abandoned. Go out into the woods, swing your bokken, train with anyone you want, test for rank or not as you wish. The bottom line is what you accomplish and realize through your training, not who you money to.

I'm sure Musashi was criticized for not belonging to a "recognized" ryu and for striking out on his own. Mostly by the people whose butts he kicked.