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Re: Preventing a dojo coup

That's too bad you're going through this. Proper etiquette in these matters (as well as any other) would be to advise you he will either be late, or not able to attend. My Sensei gives all of us a heads up on what's what if he is unable to attend. We do the same in return. There has been times where he has been unable to attend, and appoints somebody in his stead. And not always the higher ranking student(s). Sometimes it helps to learn by teaching. I understand the little Aikido Dojo on the prairie analogy, because I am in the same boat. Maybe in the end, the question that should be asked, is what are YOU willing to do to keep up with your practice? If it means driving an hour and a half to meet your satisfactions, then so be it. I drive an hour and a half not because I have to, but because I want to. There are closer schools (relatively speaking), but I found the one that suits me best, and distance be damned.

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