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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Hi folks,

I wanted to take a minute to clarify some things regarding the Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum in light of my reading comments such as:

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
That's not ironic, it is simply because Jun banned discussions of 'IT' from the aikido subforums a long time ago. Without that incredible restriction lots of 'IT' threads would be in the General, or Techniques, or Spiritual sub-forums since many aikidoka believe such discussions are extremely pertinent to aikido itself and would have started such threads there, given the opportunity.
To clarify, I have never "banned" discussions of internal training methods from the aikido forums. Such discussions, just like any other discussion, are welcome in the aikido forums, provided that the discussions place their focus within the milieu of the martial art of aikido. In fact, I will just say that I feel that I have been very open about what topics can be discussed here on AikiWeb -- provided that they are in what I consider to be the appropriate section of the forums and adhere to the forum rules of conducting oneself with respect while contributing positively to the discussion.

Please understand, folks, that all I am trying to do is keep this website's focus on the art of aikido in the clearest and simplest way that I feel able; and, no matter how carefully I may try to draw the lines (delineating subject matter, in this instance), I know that a number of people will feel offended or disrespected as the lines I draw may not correspond to theirs. I truly hope that people do not take this to be demeaning of their personal experience nor thoughts.

Lastly, I will say that "pertinency," I believe, is a tricky topic -- almost a can of worms in my mind. I'm sure we can all agree that just because something is pertinent to a subject does not make that something into that subject; in other words, just because people believe that a certain topic is pertinent to aikido doesn't make that topic aikido. If a discussion focuses around a certain topic that is only "pertinent" to aikido but does not, for instance, explicitly discuss its relationship to aikido, then I ask that it be discussed in the Non-Aikido Martial Traditions forum (if said topic is about a martial art) or in the Open Discussion forum.

Thank you,

-- Jun

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